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Immerse yourself in an Acryline Spa Bath and feel your tension melt away as your body rejuvenates and re-energizes.

Slip into warm waters and relax as massaging bubbles caress your body from your neck to your toes. Acryline warm air massage spa baths provide relaxation and relief from the stress. Your entire body benefits.

Acryline is committed to manufacturing bathing systems that promote personal health and well-being. They believe that their warm air hydro massage system baths provides basic fundamental relief from the daily stress that is part of life.

Acryline has different spa bath shapes and sizes to meet the aesthetic needs of any bather.

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Aquatic Whirlpools

The true measure of value can only be found with experience. And there's nothing quite like the experience of an Aquatic whirlpool. It's a combination of luxurious features and quality construction that create the complete hydrotherapeutic whirlpool bath.

With more than 100 whirlpool bath models across nine series, it's a selection that provides an unbeatable range of shapes and sizes for any decor and every budget. From the elegant Millennium Series to the economical Builder Select Collection, Aquatic has a full range of choices for the experience you're looking for.

Aquatic Whirlpools


All models available as non-jetted Tub Only, Builder series with four jets, Luxury series with six jets, and Platinum series with eight jets.

Americh Corp.

Jetta Whirlpool Bath Systems

Jetta whirlpools keep your bath warmer longer. Jetta guarantees after 30 minutes the water will not drop more than 2 degrees due to their special, high-density foam insulation and passive warm air induction systems.

Browse Jetta's three series - the Elite, Classic, and Designer series - more than 40 models available!

Jetta Corportation

Produits Neptune

Produits Neptune of Québec, Canada is committed to offering baths and accessories that enhance the sensuality and pleasure of the overall bathing experience, while still fulfilling their hygienic purpose. For Neptune, the art in baths is everywhere - from the generous curve of the Ulysse to the almost silent systems operation, all essential to the full realization of a well-deserved relaxation experience.

We offer 3 Produits Neptune bathtub models in pedestal, podium, and clawfoot tub styles.

Neptune Products

Restoria Bathtub Company

Restoria Bathtub Company began with the idea of combining the elegance & style of cast-iron Victorian bathtubs with modern comfort and practicality. Restoria continues to offer the traditional replica clawfoot bathtubs that represent the very best in old world style and modern technology.

Through their line of traditional roll tops, dual end, and slipper style clawfoot bathtubs, Restoria has truly elevated the modern bath to an art form.

Restoria clawfoot tubs are 100% American made, elegant and highest quality acrylic bathtubs on the market today. Each tub is individually hand crafted. You can take pride in knowing your tub is truly one of a kind.

Restoria bathtubs are made from acrylic and fiberglass. Acrylic is vacuumed formed to their molds which gives the interior finish of the tub. Fiberglass is then applied to the exterior up to 1/2" thick which gives superior strength. Each tub has a steel reinforced bottom – something that no other manufacturer can say. This makes the tubs super strong. Restoria tubs have been tested with over 1,100 lbs of pressure and exhibited no give what so ever.

Authentic beautiful cast iron clawfeet are bolted to the steel reinforced bottom. Once the fiberglass is complete, the hand-crafted exterior finish is begun. Once completed, the exterior finish exactly mimics the look of an old-world cast iron tub.

Restoria Bathtub Company logo

Restoria clawfoot bathtub

Sign of the Crab

33 models of clawfoot tubs, freestanding pedestal tubs, drop-in and corner tubs from Strom Plumbing by Sign of the Crab. Quality and innovation make Sign of the Crab a leader in plumbing fixtures and clawfoot bath tubs. The quality built into each clawfoot tub is relentless. They always seek to make the perfect more perfect. Sign of the Crab innovation comes from original thought. Although competitor imitation is a huge compliment, they just cannot compete with the quality. 

Sign of the Crab

Trajet Products, Inc.

38 tubs to choose from in lengths from 48” to 74” in rectangular, oval and corner shapes. Most Trajet bathtubs are available as a simple soaker tub, various whirlpool configurations, air bath system, or combination airbath/whirlpool.

Exclusive features, standard on every Trajet tub

  1. Hi-Gloss acrylic finish. Rich colors stay like new with a durable, highly reflective, long-lasting finish. Easy care, resists stains, cracking and chipping
  2. Two fill layers of hand-rolled fiberglass provide superior adhesion, strength, and durability to assure a lifetime of enjoyment.
  3. Heavy-Duty glassed-on base. Top quality water-resistant base material is "wet-glassed" to the bottom of the tub for superior strength and durability.
  4. Glassed-in bracing. Trajet's innovative glassed-in bracing and bracket system provides additional structural integrity and superior rigidity.
  5. Heavy-Duty PVC supply lines maintain a high water velocity and constant flow volume. Supply lines are fully encased in Trajet's Constantemp© Foam Insulation to maintain factory engineered position and prevent low pockets to eliminate water collection and stagnation.
  6. Constantemp© foam insulation maintains water temperature, reduces noise and protects plumbing from vibration, sagging and assures proper drainage. Tested at normal room temperature, heat loss is reduced to less than two degrees over a two-hour period. This exclusive Trajet technology reduces tub vibration and sound to assure a quiet, satisfying, relaxing whirlpool experience.
  7. Easy installation. Trajet's unique foam insulation and fastening system anchors supply lines solidly in place to prevent damage and misalignment during installation.
  8. Fire Retardant. Trajet tubs and shower systems meet or exceed all national consumer fire protection codes.

Trajet logo

Trajet features

Laurel Mountain Whirlpools

Sorry, we no longer offer Laurel Mountain tubs

Laurel Mountain Whirlpools
whirlpool bath tubs spas

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