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Stay Hot Guarantee

Jetta Corportation

Jetta Whirlpool Bath Systems

Escape with Jetta

Lean back and escape into the warmth of your new Jetta bath with the confidence that you have made the right choice.

Jetta whirlpool baths have unique features that are not found in any other whirlpool bath. We have mastered the ergonomics of body comfort and perfect jet placement, giving you luxury at a reasonable price. Our passive warm air induction systems and totally insulated whirlpools allow us to provide our exclusive Jetta Stay Hot Comfort Guarantee. We guarantee that after 30 minutes of use, the water temperature won’t drop more than 2 degrees. This insulation also means that distractive motor noises and vibrations are virtually eliminated, allowing you to escape from the world a little bit longer.

Jetta Goes Green!

Jetta is now using a new foam insulation. This new foam is low density urethane that has different properties than their previous foam:

  • Environmentally-friendly since it's free of CFC’s – we consider it a “green” product
  • The properties of this foam are different than our previous foam – not as much foam is required to insulate the tub nor does this new foam expand as much as the previous foam – perhaps a comparison to the North Face fleece jackets - they are warm without being bulky.

WaterDance Baths by Jetta

Edmond, OK – Jetta Corporation, the manufacture of premium whirlpool baths, is proud to introduce the new edition of WaterDance Baths by Jetta. Purchased in July of 2007, Water Dance Baths is known for its customization of flush 21-27 back jet ports, spacious bathing wells, reverse molded arm rests, green manufacturing practices and offerings in soaker, air, whirlpool and combo units.

Jetta will offer it's unique Stay Hot Guarantee on all new edition Water Dance Baths in both whirlpools and soakers.

All the new Waterdance Baths models are available through this website, including the exciting Soaking Art clawfoot tub. We will soon post all the model details online. In the meantime, you may e-mail us for Waterdance Baths quote.

Waterdance Soaking Art tub

Soaking Art Bath
with handcrafted metal frame

Classic Series

5 - 6 Flow-Adjustable Directional Jets (1.5 BHP ) - 19 models


Designer Series

7 - 10 Flow-Adjustable Directional Jets (2 BHP) - 11 models


Elite Series

10 - 28 Flow-Adjustable Directional Jets (3 BHP) - 12 models


Jetta Options and Colors

Jetta recommended accessories and acrylic color swatches.

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