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How To Clean Your Whirlpool Bath Tub

After installing a new whirpool bathtub and before taking the first bath, remove all construction debris and dust without using abrasive cleaners on the acrylic finish. Use a non-abrasive detergent and rinse well after cleaning.

  1. Fill the tub with hot water to at least two inches above the highest jet
  2. Add 2 teaspoons of low-suds automatic dishwasher detergent such as Cascade and 4 ounces of household bleach to the water
  3. Operate whirlpool for 10 minutes, drain. If you have a combo system whirlpool and air bath together you must operate them both
  4. Refill with cold water and operate for five minutes
  5. Drain

Purging The Whirlpool System

Depending on the frequency of use and the oils and lotions used on the body, the whirlpool system accumulates residue. It is recommended the system be purged once or twice a month.

  1. Fill the bath with hot water not exceeding 140°F
  2. Add to the hot-water 4 to 6 tablespoons of low foaming detergent such as liquid Cascade or Calgon and 24 to 48 ounces of liquid household bleach such as Clorox
  3. Run the bath for 5 to 10 minutes
  4. Drain the bath completely and refill with cold water only
  5. Run the whirlpool for 5 to 10 minutes
  6. Then clean the bath completely

Air Bath System

Before the air bath tub is used the system should be flushed.

  1. Fill bath with hot water to at least 6 inches above air injector holes
  2. Add 2 teaspoons of low sensing automatic dishwashing detergent and no more than 4 ounces of bleach to the water. Do not use bleach or other chlorinated cleansers on metal trim surrounding control panels
  3. Turn blower on for approximately 2 minutes to mix cleaner with water
  4. Shut blower down and allow cleaner to soak in the bath for approximately 2 hours
  5. Turn on air bath and run for approximately 5 minutes
  6. Turn air bath unit off and drain tub

Do not use oil or oil based bath additives. A small amount of low-foaming powder or crystal substance may be used. The whirlpool action intensifies the foaming properties of soap. The use of certain bubble baths and bath additives may increase the level of accumulation of bath residue in the whirlpool system.

Cleaning Your Whirlpool Bath Surface

Use common household, non-abrasive cleaners for most cleaning jobs. Rinse well and dry with a clean cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners. Do not allow your acrylic surface to come into contact with products such as acetone, nail polish remover, nail polish, dry cleaning solution, lacquer thinners, gasoline, pine oil, etc. Remove dust with a soft dry cloth. Clean grease, oil, paint, and ink stains with isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Whirlpool Jet Cleaning

Some jets are removable, and can simply be put into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Use top rack of dishwasher and remove before the drying cycle starts.

Water Quality

Microbes are present in water supplied by individual wells or water systems and even in the air around us. These microbes are usually in amounts below what is noticeable. Microbes from the water or air or from a bather’s body may settle on wet surfaces such as a whirlpool bathtubs or piping systems. When moisture and temperature are sufficient, the organisms will grow to levels that we may smell and/or see them. With regards to whirlpool bathtubs, brown/black fungi/mold or pigmented bacteria can be noted. The best example of such growth is the very common black growth on the bottom of shower curtains. The best solution to keep those surfaces free from growth is frequent cleaning.

If the surface should become dull or scratched, the appearance can be restored back to its new look. Small superficial scratches and dulling can be removed with a liquid polisher such as Gel-Gloss®. Deep scratches or burns can be removed by sanding the area using progressively finer grits (600, 800, 1200, 2000) of wet/dry sandpaper and water as a lubricant until the repair area is smooth. Finish the repair by polishing with a liquid polisher such as Gel-Gloss®. This repair should not take more than 10 minutes.

If you have other cleaning issues not answered here, please contact us at whirlpool@earthlink.net and we'll do our best to help.

whirlpool bath tubs spas

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