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Aquatic Tubs and Whirlpools

Aquatic -

Where Inspiration Takes Shape

Authorized Dealer Since 1990

Aquatic's Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the original consumer on most Aquatic tubs for household use on bath structures, surface finishes, pumps and blowers. With unparalleled craftsmanship, high-quality materials and more than 20 years of experience, Aquatic customers can relax and enjoy their purchase with complete confidence.

Aquatic Industries combines luxurious features with superior construction to offer extraordinary whirlpools and air baths. With over 100 models to choose from, each Aquatic product delivers exceptional features and benefits to meet individual hydrotherapy needs. From the premium Millennium Series to the economical Symphony Series, Aquatic’s extensive selection provides an unbeatable range of shapes and sizes.

Aquatic Tub Warranty PDF Aquatic Warranty PDF

Millennium Aquatic Tub Series

The Millennium Series presents a dramatic collection of roomy two-person whirlpool bath tubs offering the finest in hydrotherapy performance and luxurious features. Immerse yourself in our extra deep and spacious whirlpool bath tubs equipped with eight to ten strategically placed hydrotherapy jets. Two bathers can enjoy a complete body massage as they rest in deeply contoured loungers with built-in lumbar support, raised seats,and arm rests. Two 3-speed, 2 HP pumps, one for each bather and a thermostatically controlled heater generously power each Millennium whirlpool bath.


Infinity Aquatic Tub Series

Begin the day with an energetic shiatsu back massage. Or let the evening float away through a pulsating neck massage. Here, behind the gentle sounds of a hidden stream, your body and your soul are at peace. Relax. And know that every detail that makes this moment perfect belongs to you. It's the Infinity Series by Aquatic.


Estate Aquatic Tub Series

The day unwinds. The body relaxes. And the favorite part of your weekend is finally here. Comfortably reclining in a deep, contoured bathing well the mood begins to change. Powerful massage jets relax your entire body, and invite a secret smile to appear. This is the Estate Series by Aquatic.


Serenity Series

It’s a merging of styles. The majesty of fine art with the peacefulness of modern features. Welcome to Serenity™ Series from Aquatic. Classic looks. Indulgent relaxation. Effervescent bubbles caress and massage for a range of sensations from delicate to invigorating. It’s the experience you’re looking for, right here at home.


Motif Transitional Designs

Answering the growing demand for simple, modern designs, Aquatic introduces a breakthrough in styling for their LuxeAir, Estate, and Serenity Series. "Motif" is a transitional design featuring clean lines, plus a comfortable curve for neck support and total relaxation.

"Contemporary design is one of the hottest trends in the aquatic tub industry today. Our new design is simple in appearance, yet strikingly advanced in hydrotherapy technology. Motif is a blend of classic and contemporary styles for a more transitional feel that appeals to a broad spectrum of personal tastes and never goes out of style," said Tawnya Quiet, Marketing Director of Aquatic Industries, Inc.

Transitional Motif Design by Aquatic Whirlpools

Motif Transitional Design

Aquatic Symphony Series

The Symphony Series presents an ensemble of elegance, beauty and comfort. Popular, affordable designs available in whirlpool, air bath and soaker tub models. It's total relaxation that deserves an encore.


Accessories and Options

Available skirts, maintenance heaters, grab bars, pillows, rim kits, lighting and more.


Aquatic Finishes and Color Options

Available finishes and color selections for tubs, jets, and control panels.

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