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About Whirlpool Bath Net

In April 1978, Conrad B Caldwell, CA License #173125 with Rich Douglass, CA License #353452 created Remodeling Systems, a company that engaged in over four hundred residential remodeling contracts. In other ventures under the name of Caldwell-Douglass and Associates, churches, schools, industrial parks and high-end custom homes were built.

Con Caldwell retired in 1990 at which time the owner of Aquatic Industries invited Rich Douglass to represent them in introducing the new whirlpools to the Southern California showrooms and plumbing supply houses. As Rich Douglass held membership in IAPMO, he became the liaison between Aquatic Industries and the IAPMO testing laboratories, a function which he also performed for Water Dance Baths.

Rich Douglass receives e-mail requests for quotes Sunday through Friday as well as phone requests when he is not on the road calling on distributors or presenting whirlpools in various Home Show.


“We have purchased tubs at three different times for three different homes from Caldwell-Douglass. Each time, Rich Douglass impressed us with his knowledge, professionalism and patience in answering numerous questions. We found that the Caldwell-Douglass website has a much greater variety and number of tubs than any store we visited and better prices! The website is very user friendly. We especially like being able to search for a variety of tub manufacturers by size and shape. In addition, Rich always responded quickly to phone or email inquiries. He has excellent relationships with the companies he deals with and always made sure we got our product on time or sooner. Most importantly, he handled problems promptly. When we discovered one of our tubs had a broken pipe upon uncrating it, he was out the same day, picked up the tub, took it for repair and returned it the next day, himself. That's service!! We would tell anyone who needs to purchase a new bathtub to do it through Caldwell-Douglass.”

Barbara & Howard Sanger
Palm Desert, CA


whirlpool bath tubs spas

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